Barbara Emrys

eventsThe mere presence of one who has transcended old ideas of personal conflict and suffering is an inspiration. There exists within such individuals no more war of ideologies, of reflex patterns of behavior and beliefs. There exists a freedom from the persuasive power of thought. To her students, her readers and to all who come in contact with her, Barbara Emrys generously offers the presence and teachings of the transcended warrior she has become.

The word Toltec means artist. In ancient Mexico there existed for centuries a community of people bound by the philosophy of life as a waking dream, a manifestation of the human imagination. They applied this awareness to the art of living and built the city of Teotihuacan as a center for learning and applying that philosophy.

Ms. Emrys expounds on that tradition, explaining the way the mind works to create belief structures that form the framework of our reality. We tell stories about ourselves through a narrative called thinking. Happiness is determined by how we tell the story. Becoming conscious of the way we think and the things we believe, we gradually take control of the story of our lives – past, present and future.

Experience a master as she shares her wisdom in a workshop setting or on a transformational journey to the heart of ancient Toltec Mexico. All future events and power journeys will be announced on this site.