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Is it true that ‘life is but a dream?’ On “The Waking Dream” host Barbara Emrys challenges accepted notions of who we are, how we think, and the nature of our personal reality. We are dreaming all the time, whether awake or asleep, and the way we dream our lives can be an art. With this simple message, Barbara Emrys places into our own hands the power to change, to grow and become immune to fear and judgment. She delivers a message of simple beauty and common sense that is echoed in the teachings of an ancient community of philosophers called the Toltec. “The Waking Dream” is a wake-up call for those who truly wish to change their lives, bringing awareness and self respect to the powerful process of personal development. Listen to past episodes by selecting from the programs below.

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Resolving Inner Conflict

Air Date September 22, 2009
Very often we create conflict where there is none and exaggerate conflicts that could be easily resolved. In this week’s broadcast, Barbara discusses the reasons we exprience conflict and how we are often reluctant to give ourselves forgiveness and reprieve. Join Barbara Emrys for another exciting exploration of desires and behaviors, and give yourself the chance to make real changes for the sake of your life’s happiness! Listen Now

Believe in You

Air Date September 8, 2009
Do you know the difference between believing yourself and believing in yourself? In this show Barbara talks about skepticism, and how important it is to remind ourselves that a belief is not the same as the truth. Beliefs may inspire or discourage, it is our choice. Faith in ourselves allows us to rise above thought and opinion, and to see ourselves as the infinite force of life that sustains both the body and the dreaming mind. Listen Now

The Music and the Lyrics of Us

Air Date August 25, 2009
Barbara Emrys is joined by one of her students in this inspiring discussion about how we recognize Truth through emotion, or the music of our lives. We have been encouraged to give power to lyrics, or to our words and beliefs. We can balance that power by being more impeccable with our words, more aware of how we think and speak, and honor the truth in every moment. Listen Now

A Talk with Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Air Date July 14, 2009
This week on The Waking Dream, listen in on Barbara’s conversation with Miguel Ruiz, Jr., the eldest son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. The Toltec tradition as taught by don Miguel has been passed down to his sons and to Barbara, and speaks through the lives of all those who have known him as a writer and a teacher. Learn what it’s like to grow up in a family of healers and mystics, as Barbara and Miguel, Jr. discuss don Miguel’s background in medicine and shamanism, and recall their separate and unique apprenticeships with this great master. Listen Now

The Voice of the Victim

Air Date June 30, 2009
Do you perceive yourself as a victim? Are you still playing out the little dramas of adolescence in your adult life? How do these behaviors begin and how do we transcend them in our present moments? Listen to the Waking Dream show this week as Barbara Emrys and her students share their views about personal injustice and poor self-image. Hear how they have transcended self-pity and all the judgments that once made it difficult to achieve happiness and self-confidence. Live an aware life with the Waking Dream! Listen Now


Air Date June 2, 2009
In this hour Barbara is joined by two students in the Toltec Dreaming community for a discussion about awareness. They share ideas about what the concept of awareness means and how even the word can draw us into an adventure in discovery. Those who take the mysterious journey into real awareness are usually referred to as Spiritual Seekers. But what compels this journey, and when does the seeking actually end? Listen Now

Toltec Teachings, a Conversation with Randall Libero

Air Date May 12, 2009
Enjoy a lively and fascinating discussion, as 7th Wave host Randall Libero joins Barbara Emrys on the second show of her new Waking Dream series. Randall and Barbara converse on a number of subjects, including the Toltec tradition and don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements. Their conversation also touches on the nature of spiritual maturity, how we are influenced by changing points of view of humanity, and how we are all ultimately impacted by the vibrations of Sun and Earth. Listen Now

How We Dream Reality

Air Date May 5, 2009
In the first episode of her new Waking Dream series, Barbara Emrys talks about the ways we dream our lives at different stages of consciousness. She discusses her own apprenticeship with a master, and how an ever increasing respect for all living things is the natural result of human awareness. Listen Now

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