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Grief and Renewal

Don Miguel Ruiz, one of the world’s most influential spiritual leaders, and author of the classic, The Four Agreements, gently guides readers through the process and pain of navigating grief, to find a higher purpose and existence, and to be at peace with their loss. Grief is one of the many mysteries of life, and the path to easing the pain is never the same for everyone. In this course, you will learn to recognize the various stages of grief and will also be provided with healthy coping mechanisms to understand and lessen your suffering on your journey towards the acceptance of your loss. The course is designed in such a way that through the grace and poignancy of each word, you will come to understand and reconcile with your grief and your loss, and embrace the arduous task with love, openness, and eventually clarity by surviving your grief.

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In this book you probably won’t find what you expect. Our culture teaches us to love conditionally and, for many people, love is precisely the source of all their problems. This book shows us that love is the force of life, unlimited and unconditional. Therefore, many of the myths and love stories are false.

The idea of conditional love pollutes our mind and turns us against others. Eros, the second book in the School of Mysteries, examines the conflict between true love and all the lies that we have been taught about love.


The Actor

The Actor represents the first in a series of Mystery School books by don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys. Using a classroom setting, this fascinating course explores human behavior from the point of view of the artist. As a child, we learned to act out certain roles and we continue to play those roles, even now. Learn to rewrite the script of your life and to reclaim your authenticity, as you explore the most intriguing mystery of all: you!


The Three Questions

In this exciting new book, Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys take us deeper into the workings of the human mind, presenting three essential questions to activate into our spiritual power: Who am I? What is real? How do I express love? The Three Questions takes us on another journey of discovery, showing ways to create a more awakened dream by transcending long-held beliefs about who we are.

The Three Questions offers compelling insights into the main character of our own story and the governing laws that control our reality. It invites us all to reconsider our basic definitions of love and to transform our world into the paradise it was meant to be. In the wonderful way of all Toltec Wisdom books, The Three Questions lifts the reader to yet another level of awareness and personal well-being!


The Toltec Art of Life and Death: A Story of Discovery

The beloved teacher of spiritual wisdom and author of the phenomenal New York Times and international bestseller The Four Agreements takes readers on a mystical Toltec-inspired personal journey, introducing us to a deeper level of spiritual teaching and awareness.

In 2002, Don Miguel Ruiz suffered a near fatal heart attack that left him in a nine-weeks-long coma. The spiritual journey he undertook while suspended between this world and the next forms the heart of The Toltec Art of Life and Death, a profound and mystical tale of spiritual struggle. As his body lies unconscious, Ruiz’s spirit encounters the people, ideas, and events that have shaped him, illuminating the eternal struggle between life—unending energy and truth—and death—matter and subjective knowledge—in which we are all called to engage.

Over ten years in the making, The Toltec Art of Life and Death invites readers into the mind of a master of spiritual seeking, offering an unparalleled and intimate glimpse into the development of a soul. In this culmination of a lifetime's learning, Ruiz shares with readers the innermost workings of his singular heart and mind, and summons us to grapple with timeless insights, drawn from ancient Toltec wisdom, that are the essence of transformation.

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The Red Clay of Burundi

"But that’s not how paradise works. It waits behind a thousand doors in life, doors unopened by those unable to see beyond their own sweetest suffering."

When thirteen-year-old Barbara Emrys first steps onto the red clay of Burundi, she feels as far from paradise as humanly possible. Transported by propeller plane to another universe of sights and smells within an unfamiliar country, Barbara embarks on a colorful journey of self-discovery and true perception. Set against the backdrop of a recent tribal genocide, Barbara’s adolescent experiences of life and love paint a picture of a paradise she didn’t know she was seeking.

The Red Clay of Burundi is a mystical reflection on life’s emotional textures that will help you find God and understand the universal desires of the human heart. And it’s all brought to life by the music of a new band called the Beatles . . .

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