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Happy Holidays

We’ve come to the end-of-year holidays again. You could say, “Oh, boy, but this year is different…how do we meet social obligations?…travel is so challenging…the fun is already ruined.” You could say those things, and maybe you’d be right; but you’d be right to say them at any other time, in any other year.

Holidays are challenging. People can be challenging. This year may seem different, but it’s not so different. We’re obliged to wear masks, but we’re use to wearing “masks” when we’re in a group of people. We’re used to showing interest when we’re bored, or showing patience when we’re upset. We’re used to saying, “This is delicious!” when it isn’t. We’re used to saying, “I’m so happy to see you!” when we’re not. We’re used to doing the polite thing, because we should.

In that sense, this year is the same as any other. It pays to be polite. It’s better to be a trooper than a grouch. Any effort is a good effort. You can be excited to take a trip; or, you can choose to show your love by staying quietly at home. Either way, share yourself. Put love into action. Accept the challenges, as you would in any situation.

Be patient in the face of disappointment. Humor soothes any conflict, so put it to use. Diplomacy works better than discord, so give it another try. And remember: respect is a good house-warming gift, for any season. If you can’t take it house-to-house, show your respect in other ways. Show it with a thoughtful email, or a surprise call.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes; you don’t have to understand people to celebrate them. And you don’t have to be in a room with someone to be there for them. Consider that, as you make plans, and break plans, during the holidays. Replace traditions with simple expressions of gratitude. Be a good caretaker to the ones who matter. Above all, be happy! Happiness is highly contagious, but in a really good way.

I wish you loads of fun, as ever and as always.

Love from Barbara

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