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Hormones, and the Infinite

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Some of you may have a teenager living in your house right now. I’ve raised a few in years past, and I try to keep them in mind when I write about transformation. Adolescence marks a huge shift in everyone’s personal evolution. It’s the first big disruptor since the cataclysmic event of our birth…but it’s not the last.

If you’re elderly now, you may look back on adolescence with amusement– seeing it as a time when sex motivated most of your decisions. A surge in hormone production became the catalyst for enormous physical change. And your mind followed, going through alarming shifts of its own.

Sexual preoccupations continue after adolescence, of course. They still bring on the mayhem, make choices for us …and cause many sleepless nights. Sex continues to be our main excuse for feeling guilty, or sad…or insanely glad.

Such is life: the supreme agitator. The whole adolescent experience was a necessary storm, but the storms continue. Now you can look back at those days of youthful folly and see life directing all of it. You can also see that life does a lot more than mess with your hormones.

Life also programs you to seek the truth. And the truth is everywhere, whether or not you see the clues. The truth is timeless, infinite. You may not be listening, but the the infinite has been calling since you arrived in human form. So, why not get on board with life’s program?

You had very few choices as teenagers in transition, but now you’re willing to shake things up on purpose. Now, you know it’s possible to take control of your mind. You accept your body as the living representation of infinite life, and you’re choosing to be attentive to its needs. You’re ready to face the strange. You’re ready to change at the speed of life, and stop putting the brakes on your own evolution.

While the world outside remains spellbound, reach for a higher level of awareness. Stop believing everyone’s nonsense. Stop believing your own. See yourself as you are– and fall in love, without a doubt.

Meanwhile, offer understanding and support to the teenagers in your family. This is only the first round of mind-quakes. Happily, they keep coming, for all of us. Each one gives us the chance to learn, to grow, and to process the truth.

The journey might require you to follow maps drawn by wiser people. They all say that twists and bumps are normal, even fortuitous. They tell you not to be surprised when you come face-to-face with yourself at every bend in the road. And they remind you to yield to life, always.

The wise ones also insist there is no good or bad way for you to take this journey. However you do it, they say, the destination is infinite life…right where you started.

❤ B.E.

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