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One Truth

Common sense tells us there is only one Truth: life and death. To put it differently, there is only energy and matter. One is the eternal force of creation, and the other cannot survive without that force. It’s not so complicated. Truth is simple, no matter how we overthink or romanticize it.

There is no such thing as your truth or my truth. There isn’t a relative truth, an intolerable truth, or a deeper truth. There is only Truth, and everything else is a story. Everything else is about individual perception and practiced beliefs. We each have our favorite versions of truth, according to our particular way of seeing things. We see reality differently, according to our personal convictions and learned beliefs. We see reality differently, but Truth says the same.

You’re invited to reflect Truth in every aspect of your waking dreams– in your quiet meditations and in your boldest actions. You’re invited, and how you respond to the invitation is up to you. Meanwhile, let’s talk more about the reflection you are.

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