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power vs. Power

So much of what we see going on in the world is mirrored in our interactions with each other. We see nations testing other nations, measuring each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For some leaders, the question is always the same: How far can I go with my bullying, before the consequences catch up with me?

We see people doing the same, asking themselves, “How much contempt can I get away with? How far can I push someone? I’m big, and I’m self-righteous. If I challenge laws and social agreements, I’m sure I’ll win. If I mock people, they’ll cry. If I threaten them, they’ll cower.”

All that posturing, just to appear strong in other people’s eyes. All that noise, to prove someone else wrong. All that, in order to promote a false idea of power. Try as we might to imitate life’s power, we fail. We humans can only muster the faintest mirror-reflection of power, and that reflection will always be distorted.

It’s obvious that humanity can build and destroy things. It’s clear that most humans impose their will on others; but the will of life is something else completely. Life doesn’t impose or threaten. Life has nothing to prove. Life isn’t at war with itself.

The will of life is to create life. The power-games we play with each other are poor imitations of real power. Our bullying says we don’t believe we’re right enough, or strong enough. Our need to dominate is founded on fear. Whether we think of ourselves as leaders or followers, we hardly comprehend the meaning of power.

Still, humans go on exerting their will over other humans. Minds try to bend other minds. Wicked intentions crush benevolent intent. At the same time, we’re evolving as a species. So, take in the bigger picture. It’s not all bad news.

Minds evolve, because they choose to. Hearts open, because they dare to. So many humans are facing their fears and challenging their own lies. So many are developing a taste for truth. So many are acting with compassion and integrity, no matter what the crowd says. So many, like you, are learning to break the spell of their own beliefs, to finally see things as they are.

As you watch events unfold around you, stay aware. Exercise your will in unselfish ways. Feel gratitude, even in a crisis. Give comfort to those who are afraid. Show respect, even when it seems unwarranted.
The world will change, as it always does…one dream at a time. Realize your role in humanity’s evolution. Reflect life faithfully, and stay creative. End your judgments. Confront your fears. Love without constraint.

And don’t be seduced by small ideas of power.


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