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Safe Harbors

Heat and drought. Fire and flood. Melting polar caps. Rising seas. Pollution and pandemics.…sounds like business as usual in the ongoing evolution of a planet.

Transformations like these have been going on since Earth began. When things get way out of balance, she has to create stability. And that results in dynamic upheavals, inside and out. It’s the same with any living organism. It’s the same with you.

The planet goes through the same disruptions you do. You may not be aware that you’re experiencing too much fire…too much dryness, dampness, or inner distress. Chemical imbalances happen in you, along with ever-changing weather patterns. There are times when things go out of whack and your body makes adjustments, however it can, until balance is restored.

With or without your permission, life is in constant upheaval. The Earth is steadily reshaping herself. Humanity is forever adapting. You, too, are evolving. The difference between you and the planet, I guess, is that you have a thinking mind.

Your mind sees transformation happening everywhere…and has opinions about it. It may decide to take outside disruptions personally. It might say it’s being victimized, and look for someone to blame. Or, it will choose to deny anything unusual is going on. Meanwhile, real-life transformations are happening anyway– inside and outside of you.

This may all seem obvious, but I want to remind you that change, even change that feels traumatic, is necessary to evolution. Instead of panicking, give comfort. When your body has to fight hard to do its job, it needs your help, just like the planet does. It needs some common sense attention. It needs you to be a friend and ally.

Your body needs to hear fewer messages of anger and fear. It needs to know that your health is more important to you than self-importance. Where poison exists, healthy organisms can’t flourish. So, be aware of what you tell yourself– it’s hard for your body to fight natural enemies while it’s also fighting you.

This is a reminder, that’s all– that you make an effort to brighten up your little corner of the universe. Give up the need to be right, or to have the last word. Forget having to control every situation. Stop imposing opinions on everyone you know.

Enjoy your own evolution by practicing mental calm. Modify your toxic impact on the world. Accept upheaval, and reclaim your inner balance; don’t make yourself an obstruction to change. Feel gratitude, no matter what’s happening. Be flexible. And offer a safe harbor to the people you love.While you’re it, have fun and trust life more each day.


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