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The Magic Touch

There are wise men and women who say we should approach every task in life as a meditation. We should be present and attentive, no matter the situation. We should be mindful in every moment.

There’s no doubt that our lives would be different if we made a sacred ritual out of everything we did. We’d appreciate every amazing detail of existence. We’d notice more. We’d complain less. We might even learn to cherish each moment.

Living life as a meditation is a wonderful way to approach each day. To acknowledge the sacredness of existence, no matter how tiresome things seem in the moment, is a great practice. By making the practice permanent, we change our world.

Well, imagine a slightly different practice, but one that has the same transformational effect. It’s a little sexier, I guess, because it has to do with romance. It has to do with seduction.

We’re all looking for love. We may not admit it, but love is the experience of truth we crave. Unconditional love is the power of life itself. The force of that love may sometimes feel intimidating, but when it flows through us, we’re energized. We’re happy and we’re turned on.

So, imagine approaching every task as a romantic seduction. Every chore is a flirtation. Every challenge is an enchantment. You’re the suitor, and you know how to woo the moment. You know the giddy infatuation of being alive and in love.

Imagine starting your day the way you’d get ready for a date. You want to feel confident and look your best. You want to be open, cheerful, and generous. Getting up each day is an act of passion for yourself and for the dream you’ve created.

Morning coffee is a sensual encounter. Morning traffic is a chance to slow-dance with the world. Every human is a heart-throb. Every conversation is a courtship.

Not every task goes smoothly in the course of an ordinary day, but you have the magic touch. You can love, when love seems to be lacking. You can sense the truth in a wonderland of lies. You can find romance in dreary moments and excitement in the commonplace.

You’re a poet now. Your words are lyrical. Your thoughts make you swoon. You’ve embarked on a love affair with life, and you’re ready to put your whole being into it. You’ll make it easy. You’ll make it fun.

And why not? After all, you’ve already said yes to life. You’ve surrendered your body, your mind and your dream. And life, the supreme lover, has rushed in to sweep you off your feet. Life has already won you…for eternity.


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