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The Three Questions and the Teachings of a Master

Imagination is our greatest power. If we humans can imagine something, we can make it real. We can use it against ourselves or we can use it to benefit our dream and all of humanity. The Three Questions explores a few simple ways that imagination can expand awareness. My name is Barbara Emrys, and I’d like to share the vision of don Miguel Ruiz, and talk about how imagination can inspire you to change your dream.

Try this: Imagine yourself as a figure in a painting. You are an image of a person, drawn in pencil and then painted over. You look like yourself, but this image has no awareness…yet.

Now, what if your painted eyes could see? If you became aware of yourself, you might realize you’re the painted figure of a man or a woman. You exist within a little piece of art. You might decide you don’t like the way you’re being depicted. Maybe the whole picture feels disturbing in some way– the balance is off, or the mood is inauthentic. 

Soon you realize that the figures around you don’t agree with your ideologies or reflect your principles. Nothing about the painting seems to suit you. In other words, what if you woke up within your own dream, and wanted to change it?

Keep imagining. What if you realized that you’re more than the subject of this painting; that you are also the artist and creator? With that much awareness, you could change the landscape. You could imagine the main character differently. You could learn more about the other characters and understand their point of view. You could move objects, or change the perspective. You could make the colors brighter, or softer. You could alter the tone of the painting completely– along with your own character’s impact on it.

An artist does the best he can with the materials available – pigments, brushes, canvas. In the same way, we’re all able to create the best reality we can with the raw materials given to us: our bodies, our brains, and our physical environment. If we have only a few colors– or not enough light– the painting will be affected. It doesn’t matter if the canvas is large or small; all we need is an eye for beauty. All we want is to create balance in our particular world.

You have more influence on your reality than you give yourself credit for. You have the raw materials it takes to create a masterpiece of art. Once you see yourself as character out of your own imagination, you can to take a closer look at your creation, and make some changes. The main focus of your wonderful painting – that means you –  can wake up and see. 

There are so many things imagination, and your own generous spirit can do to make self-awareness real. Together, we can talk about the ways. We can talk about the image you have of yourself. It’s a character you created. Does it represent the truth? We can see how this character rules over your physical body. Then we can discuss about the kind of ruler it needs to be. 

I invited to join me on this site for a conversation about The Three Questions, about the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz, and about the ways you can make your reality reflect the truth of you!

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