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The Totality

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

There are areas on earth that are considered to be sacred sites. You probably know a few. Pilgrims like you travel to these places to rest and recover from the chaos of their world. They travel to the ends of the earth to feel a sense of freedom from their own dream– and receive blessings from the local gods while they’re at it.

They journey to ancient ruins, to temples and mountain retreats, where some greater consciousness awaits them. Once there, even the most foreign environment can feel like home. It might even seem like the very ground is offering spiritual assurances– as if every rock and stone is radiating wisdom.

You probably know what it feels like to be that kind of pilgrim, seeking refuge from yourself. You want some kind of healing, and you get it– but the healing begins before you even arrive at your sacred spot. It begins the moment you decide to step away from a very small view of reality and grant yourself the comfort of the infinite– yes, that simple act of power. It begins with your intent.

To be on a holy site is a joyful, if sometimes unnerving, experience. Will you find the connection you yearn for? Will the experience be all that you hoped it would be? You may have your doubts, but intent has already opened your mind and body to life’s unending current of energy– something you hardly dare to imagine in a familiar environment, on an ordinary day.

Intent, combined with your natural propensity for joy, makes any place magical. Wherever you go, the ground trembles underneath you. The truth whispers from rocks and ruins. The wind wraps you in her timeless song. The faces of strangers reflect your own feelings of love and goodwill. Everywhere, you feel the power of you.

Traveling to sacred places can be uplifting, but the source of healing energy is always you. You are the one who brightens the skies and makes pebbles dance as you pass– because you willed it. A deep hunger for expansion urged you to act. You did. You bought a ticket; you followed through.

Beside a pile of stones and historic rubble, you found the truth. Outside of the temples and the monuments to gods, you sensed the real you…and the voice in your head was rendered speechless.

Now, try this at home. Don’t be afraid to embrace the familiar and the strange, all together, all the time, and all at once. The totality of everything is you.

❤ B.E.

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