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The Walk of the Nagual

The wisest among us can see beyond words, beyond stories, and recognize himself as the life that courses through all matter. There’s a word in the Toltec tradition for such a person, and its implications go far. The word is nagual, which it refers to the unseen energy that creates all of life. Nagual men and women know themselves as that eternal energy. They walk lightly through the dream of humanity, undefeated by their own lies.

Breaking free of old rules and opinions is a step toward emotional healing. That kind of freedom gives the body a chance to heal itself. Of course, the mind will do what it feels it has to do– just as a dog has to bark, protecting its territory, the human mind will make a lot of noise to defend its virtual terrain. But it’s able to do what a dog can’t do: it can self-reflect. It can learn to hear itself. It can evolve from a parasite, leaching emotional energy, to the body’s hero and champion. It can transcend knowledge.

We were born to grow wise and to see. We all learned to be responsible adults and we can learn to be conscientious seers. We can be attentive to the way we dream our lives. We can learn to love truly, just as we once learned to love falsely. We can connect with life’s energy by barking less. If we want to, we can choose what kind of messenger we are, beginning with the messages we send ourselves.

It’s never too late to be a great seer and dreamer. In this moment, for instance, we can honor life by loving ourselves. We can wake up and claim the power of our attention, right now. Like a true nagual, each of us can walk lightly through existence, undefeated by lies, from this day forward.

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